Summer 2019 Newsletter

Summer Newsletter 2019

Did you know that 13th May to 13th June 2019 is National Smile Month? – so get smiling!    Or perhaps you feel a little self-conscious as your teeth aren’t as straight as you’d like them to be – well maybe now is a good time to book yourself an orthodontic consultation with one of our Specialist Orthodontists.  Why not give us a call on 01865 514253 and we’d be happy to assist you.

Also featuring in our Summer Newsletter is an article on the advantages of seeking an orthodontic opinion for children at Age 7, courtesy of the American Association of Orthodontists – it highlights the benefits of early intervention, so maybe the school holidays are a perfect time to book an appointment.  Child Consultations – £110.

Summer holidays can be a busy time of year here at the practice but we’re all organised and bookings are now being taken for July and August.  Have a wonderful summer!