Covid-19 – Keeping you informed

Summer 2021 Newsletter

Spring 2021 Newsletter

Update from Lars

Finally, Summer is here! Let’s hope the excellent rollout of the vaccination programme here is going to have the desired effect over the coming months. At least, we can say we have survived the winter with its dark evenings without much reprieve.

As frontline healthcare workers, the whole team here has been lucky enough to get vaccinated early (although I would have rapidly qualified on age grounds!). We are hearing more and more of our patients/families have also been vaccinated- on age grounds and/or by merit of profession. Along with the not insignificant proportion of patients/families who have had Covid this should mean there is a high level of antibodies in the community to fight off this terrible disease.

I am happy to be able to report that there has been no case reported worldwide of any transmission of Coronavirus in a dental setting. This is certainly due to the universal precautions we have always taken in infection control. Even before we put all extra measure in place- see below.

I am acutely aware of the extra difficulty ever-present PPE and the lack of physical contact has on our ability to communicate. I would like to make sure that every one of our patients knows that we are still open to any questions and queries at any stage of your orthodontic journey.

However I am so happy to say that patients have responded incredibly well to all the latest procedures we have had to put in place and we are enormously grateful for all your support and the trust you continue to show in us.  We appreciate it very much.

We look forward to brighter days over the coming months.

Thank you!”


**We are working tirelessly to update our operating procedures as the events unfold over the coming months**

We are zoning our diary to set aside time for specific procedures which will mean less flexibility in appointment availability for the foreseeable future.

We would like to inform you of the changes we have implemented to reduce the risk to you, your families and to our staff;

Due to these guidelines, we will be seeing fewer patients per day so please be patient with us.

  • We have installed air purifiers in all clinical areas.
  • The day before your appointment, someone from the practice will call you and ask some health screening questions. If contact cannot be made the appointment cannot go ahead.
  • Upon arrival the patient’s temperature will be taken. Patients with temperatures above 37.8 ̊C will be rescheduled. Please do not take any paracetamol prior to the appointment as this makes the readings inaccurate.
  • Only the patient will be allowed in the practice with the exception of under 12s (or other circumstances that we are happy to discuss) who can have one adult accompanying. Please leave siblings at home.
  • Patients will be asked to sanitise their hands for 20 seconds upon entering the practice
  • You must maintain social distancing whilst in the waiting areas
  • The waiting area will not have magazines or newspapers as these are difficult to disinfect
  • We will send a treatment update with your child and feel free to request a call to discuss the appointment with the treating clinician
  • We will do our best to allow more time between patients to reduce any waiting times and the traffic of people in the practice
  • Any appointments that can be conducted virtually will continue to be performed virtually to reduce the risk of exposure.
  • To limit time spent in the clinic we will not make appointments on the day but will contact you after the appointment to schedule the next visit. We would also appreciate any payments to be made online if possible.
  • Please reduce the amount of personal belongs brought into the clinic.
  • If at all possible, please refrain from using the toilets.  If used, please close the lid before flushing and inform Reception afterwards so that cleaning can be undertaken.

Please bear in mind that we are doing our best to accommodate each of you in restricted conditions so please treat our staff kindly as they are trying to help you.

Late cancellations due to PPE shortage or staff sickness may be unavoidable and we ask for your understanding should this happen.

Whilst many things have changed, we want to reassure you that we remain committed to your safety.  We have always maintained the highest standards of infection control.

  • We have installed air purifiers in all clinical areas which help combat aerosol spread of the virus
  • We have installed high volume suction allowing rapid air turnover in one surgery dedicated to aerosol generating procedures
  • We will always wear a mask, eye protection and a disposable gown or apron.
  • All team members will be health screened before their shift.
  • We have increased frequency of cleaning of commonly touched surfaces and have hand sanitizer for mandatory use by patients and staff.

Unfortunately, the virus is still a threat.  However, we have always used universal precautions and will continue to do so.

Thank you for your continued support.